Character Design

Turntable drawings for character Rufus


Lots and lots of sketches that went into the making of  ‘I See’

Different Heads

Different heads and hands were used in the animation process.


A turntable film set was custom built.


Storyboard and Animatic were made before hand.


Keys were bought over Ebay, initially charm bracelets.

I See

Shortfilm, Stop Motion

I See is a surreal stop motion short film I created a few years ago with David Burnett in Newcastle, UK. The Story follows Rufus, a blind creature desperately seeking a key to fit his key hole.

Winner of a Graduate Academy Tickets at the ‘ D&AD New Blood Awards, London

Screenings Wordwide:

Cornwall Film Festival, UK
Horrible Imaginings Festival, San Diego, USA
Konstanzer Kurzfilmspiele, Germany
Düsseldorfer Filmfest, Germany
Animae Caribe Festival, Trinidad und Tobago
Anima Sao Festival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Simultan Festival, Timisoara, Romania
24h of Nuremburg, Nürnberg, Germany
Heart Attack Films, Regensburg, Germany